PRO Series Introduction
The MIDAS PRO Series Live Audio Systems employs technology developed from the class-leading XL8, offering the same exemplary sample – synchronised audio performance. The PRO series can provide up to 104 simultaneous input processing channels and up to 35 discrete mixes in monitor mode, all of which feature EQ and a choice of dynamics processing options. By adding additional I/O hardware the PRO3, 6 and 9 network can be expanded to 288 inputs x 294 outputs, whilst the PRO2 and PRO2C expands to 156 inputs x 166 outputs and the PRO1 up to 100 inputs x 102 outputs, with point-to-point routing anywhere within the network which can then be patched and routed on a scene-by-scene basis via a powerful snapshot automation system.
The PRO series effects and dynamics algorithms are more than superb quality, easy-to use SHARC-based effects processing. They are incorporated within the automatic delay management system, so that wherever they are patched, the audio will be absolutely phase-coherent when summed into your mix. It is possible to assign up to 36 1/3 octave KLARK TEKNIK DN370 graphic EQs, for demanding monitor applications, all of which can be controlled using the optional KLARK TEKNIK DN9331 Rapide moving fader remote. All of this in addition to the four types of compression available on inputs, and five types on outputs. FX options, configurations, settings and patching can change completely with each scene recall. The possibilities are almost endless.
Reliability is designed into all MIDAS products, and all PRO Series, apart from PRO1, feature redundant power supplies as standard. The FPGA processing engine on the PRO3, 6 and 9 is of modular construction, with the option of a spare module which will automatically deploy in the event of an engine module failure (n+1 model). Due to its modular configuration the DSP engines of both the PRO3 and PRO6 can be loaded and upgraded to PRO9 specification.
PRO Series digital audio transport uses the international AES50 standard, featuring feed-forward error correction which provides superior protection against lost data packets and synchronization issues when compared to other Ethernet cable based systems. All links between PRO series hardware elements support redundant cables for copper and optical options are available on the PRO3, PRO6 and PRO9.
The Control Centre for the PRO3, 6 and 9 houses dual redundant Linux master control computers (MCs), both running full versions of the relevant PRO Series Linux software. Either MC is capable of running the entire system on its own and control can be switched between the two without any loss of audio.
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“Daylight Visible” Screens
– Dual Screens with 3-way KVM switch on the PRO3, 6 and 9
– Single Screen on PRO1, PRO2 and PRO2C with DVI out
XL8-Style “Fast Zones”
XL8-Style Dual Operator “Channel Strips” for PRO3, 6 and 9
– 10 on PRO3, 6 and 9
– 8 on PRO1, PRO2 and PRO2C
6 POPulation Groups
Configurable “Area B” except on PRO1
Surround panning including 5.1, Quad and LCRS
Dual-Redundant Linux Control Computers on PRO3, 6 and 9
AES50 on the Control Centre for I/O expansion and XL8 connectivity
– 3 ports for PRO1, PRO3, 6 and 9
– 6 ports for PRO2 and PRO2C
8 AES50 ports on stage end of snake
for I/O expansion on the PRO3, 6 and 9
Up to 24 configurable inputs and 24 configurable outputs
on the Control Centre on PRO3, 6 and 9*
Redundant hot swappable power supplies – 3 on PRO3,
6 and 9 – 2 on PRO2 and PRO2C
Three year factory warranty
* Dependant on I/O card options fitted
KLARK TEKNIK DN9331 Rapide Graphic Controller
KLARK TEKNIK DN9696 96 track High Resolution Audio Recorder
KLARK TEKNIK DN9650 Network Bridge (MADI, Dante, Aviom, Ethersound, CobraNet)[/box]


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